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I-75 Steering Committee

Dominic Holden
Steering Committee Chair

Dominic is former Director of the Seattle Hempfest, the world's largest marijuana policy reform event, and President of Washington NORML. He has volunteered on many local drug policy reform campaigns including the successful medical marijuana initiative, I-692.

Ben Livingston

Ben has been treasurer for numerous political campaigns, most recently Grant Cogswell's City Council bid. He has worked with the Civic Foundation and other organizations.

Matthew Fox
Campaign Manager

Matt founded and led the Seattle Commons Opponents Committee through two victorious election campaigns, and also managed Charlie Chong's 1996 and 1999 City Council Campaigns. He worked as a Legislative Assistant to Chong during his year on the City Council, and currently serves as President of the University District Community Council.

Rose Marcotte

Rose is a Seattle resident who has volunteered with several local social service agencies. She currently works for The League of Women Voters.

Charlie Commereť
Legal Counsel

Charlie was involved in the King County Bar Association's roundtable on the effects of the Drug War on our criminal justice system. He volunteers legal help to Hempfest.

In Memoriam

On June 9, 2002 I-75 steering committee member Robert Lunday passed away. Robert worked on drug policy reform in Washington State for nearly a decade. Robert inspired us immensely; we are extremely grateful to have known such an amazing person and we will never forget him or his contributions to our lives and to the lives of millions of drug war victims.