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  • Fred Noland, JD
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Arresting adults for marijuana possession is a waste of valuable law enforcement resources.  

I-75, supported by the League of Women Voters, establishes more sensible law enforcement priorities for Seattle. A YES vote will make resources available to protect our homes, streets and neighborhoods.

By making marijuana intended for adult personal use the lowest law enforcement priority in Seattle, I-75 saves scarce public resources. I-75 frees our police and prosecutors - who are already over-worked and deserve our strong support - to concentrate on protecting us against serious and violent crime.

I-75 also protects the rights of medical marijuana users. In 1998, Seattle voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to protect people whose physicians recommend medicinal marijuana to treat certain serious illnesses. Yet, medical marijuana patients are still in danger of arrest, prosecution and forfeiture of their homes and other property - even though they use marijuana to treat symptoms of cancer, multiple sclerosis and AIDS. I-75 helps protect all medical marijuana patients who suffer from life threatening illnesses.

As you decide on I-75, please ask yourself:

Please join us, Seattle's medical marijuana patients, the League of Women Voters, the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, prominent members of the Seattle Bar, and many others, in voting YES on I-75.

Nick Licata, City Councilmember
Larry Gossett, County Councilmember
Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Ph.D., State Senator
Fred Noland, J.D., Seattle Attorney
Dr. Robert Killian, M.D., Sponsor I-692, Medical Marijuana Initiative
Bob Santos, Executive Director, Inter*Im